Blogging is Hard! Anybody out there?

Drat, We’re so far behind on our blog… it seems we underestimated the amount of driving and vacationing we’d be doing on our driving vacation. We’re motivated to complete this blog for ourselves (because we can never remember what we did on our vacations…) but we hope you’ll join us again when we finally find […]

The Oregon Coast

Oct 1, Astoria After leaving a rainy Mount Saint Helens, we headed toward the Oregon coast — a destination that had been recommended by several people we’ve met en-route and our first Ocean destination on this trip where we were looking for some beach fun in the sun.  Alas, Oregon had other plans for us […]

This is not a blog post!

Oh boy!  We’ve been so much on-the-move we’ve just either had no internet or no time (or we fell asleep) so our Blog has fallen a month behind.   We’ll catch up one day… but here is a not-a-blog-post post to tell you where we’ve been! The Oregon Coast: Hiking at Crater Lake in Oregon: Hiking […]

Mount Saint Helens

Oct 01 – Mount Saint Helens Our new Thule Box has a new sticker from Mt. Saint Helens: “I Blew – 1980“.  Nineteen Eighty!  Now, that is recent Volcanic history.  It was a scenery changing explosion witnessed (almost) in the Digital Age.  I remember the reports of the eruption/explosion and observing with passing interest without […]

Mount Rainier

Sept 30 – Ellensberg to Mount Rainier (don’t forget to check out the slideshow, above, for more pictures) The morning started with a nice hot shower at the KOA off the highway (just off the highway — another night of “Big Rig Serenade”).  We were working our way in the general direction of Mount Saint […]

Preview: Mt Rainier, Mt Ste Helens, Crater Lake…

Unfortunately, we’ve been internet-less (and showerless) for the past few days while we’ve been going from campsite to campsite through Oregon and California. We hope to catch up on some upcoming down-days before and after Desert Trip! On this post, though, is an idea of what we saw and did at Crater Lake!

Kelowna to Ellensburg (which is somewhere in Washington…)

 la Sept 29 – Kelowna to Ellensburg  We woke up after a restful night on the Hideaway bed at Charlene’s place (it folds right up and out of the way into a compact side table) and had some excellent omelette du Jour à la chef Charlene.  Yum. After our à la prochaine (because, apparently, there […]

Golden B.C to Kelowna

Sept 28 – Golden B.C to Kelowna We woke up to another fresh camping morning in time to see the sun rise over the hills and cast a nice hue over the mountains in the distance.  Some hot chocolate made on our camp stove and some PB&J-wiches later, we were ready for the day. I […]

Calgary AB to Golden BC

Sept 26 – A Day in Calgary We were fortunate to be in Calgary for the day relaxing and spending time with Chris’s Sister, Mary, & brother-in-law Peter K. We did laundry, ate, went for a walk, ate, and chatted!  Mary toured us through her fantastically thought out and orchestrated garden.   Peter K is […]

Swift Current to Dinosaur Prov Park to Calgary

Note: Comments are welcome especially if you can recommend any places to visit on our trip &/or let us know your favourite camping meals — we’ve not been very creative meal-wise!  Feel free to comment!! Sept 24 – Swift Current to Dinosaur Provincial Park We woke up at the Safari Inn in Swift Current to […]

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