Yay! We’re off on our trip!

Yay! We’re off on our trip!

Only two weeks and three days late, we’re finally off on our cross-country trip!

The Prius is packed to the gills with probably way more stuff than we need.. we’ve got a tent, a small table, two camp chairs, an awning, sleeping bags, thermarests, a small stove, cameras, (a drone!!), a cooler, warm clothes, cold clothes, hiking poles, hiking boots, and on and on!   We might need to graduate to a camper van on our next trip.

From Ottawa to Peterborough for a quick stop in with Chris’s mom and sister.  (I’m a bit [lot] sick with a cold so I got fed some yummy and warm soup which was very good..) A quick goodbye and then we were off to Oshawa for a brief stop in on my Dad and to pick up my wayward jacket which I’d left there a few days before.

Then, on to Barrie for dinner and stay with Chris’s nephew, Dan (and Henley the 1-yr-old puppy & two kitties).


The Oregon Coast

This is not a blog post!

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Rainier


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