Camping in Tobermory & Ferry to Manitoulin Island

Camping in Tobermory & Ferry to Manitoulin Island

We drove from Dan’s place (thanks again, Dan!! Oh, and we love the light — it’s perfect for our tent attic) to Tobermory and camped at the Cypress Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park.  It was a perfect warm night for the first night in our spanking new Eureka El Capitan tent.

Chris graciously let me sleep on her 3″ thermarest with memory foam top!  My back is sore from being rear-ended on the 401 in Toronto.  (more on that later…)

Alas, the morning wasn’t as good a treat as the night as it started to rain (hard) and had us soaked before we could strike camp.  We had booked the 13:30 ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island and were there in plenty of time (thanks to my Dad for the excellent tip to “book ahead” to ensure a spot!).

A nice ferry ride across and our spirits lifted up a bit (well, mostly mine as I was feeling sorry for myself with a sore back, getting over a cold, wet from rain, and was just in a generally pissy mood for the morning..)  The sun even came out!  We decided that camping would be a “go” again tonight and we are now at the very comfortable “Batman Campsite” (Named after an actual Mr. Batman!  Look it up.. it’s true.)

A short 2.2 km hike (check the bear paw print we found) and then back to the campsite for a quick spaghetti dinner, this blog post and in bed by 21:45 is the plan.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Sault Ste. Marie where we’ll overnight and then Monday morning do what I should have done before leaving Ottawa — which is to go to a chiropractor about my back pain.


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