To “The Soo” (Sault Ste. Marie)

To “The Soo” (Sault Ste. Marie)

I sit here at tonight’s campsite just 15 minutes North of Sault Ste. Marie (The Soo) listening to the music of the Trans Canada Highway just a few hundred feet away and lit by the campsite streetlights and a few renegade stars that are able to poke through the noise.

Chris is in the car, looking up some physiotherapists that we’ll try tomorrow morning to see if we can get an appointment for me to look at my back pain (which, ironically, is almost non-existent today… but it comes and goes so I really want to go if we can swing it).

Today was pretty uneventful.  We slept in (that was nice!) had some breakfast and then had a leisurely drive to The Soo.  And I feel bad even saying “The Soo” as we pretty much just sailed on through without even a quick stop.  To say we visited would be untrue… but we’ve committed to come back.  Since we’re a few weeks behind, we need to scoot through Ontario and get on to further destinations.

Tomorrow, is a big day — we’re hoping to make it to Marathon to visit Sean & Micheline who, unfortunately, won’t be there because they’re, ironically (twice in one blog post!) in Kingston right now.  Boo.  But it leaves us with an opportunity to come back and visit again!!


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