The Sault (redux) to Marathon

The Sault (redux) to Marathon

We woke up Monday morning early to avoid the oncoming rain (which didn’t end up arriving for about another 3 hours) to a dew-covered tent, car, and selves.  We were a bit slow to get moving but managed to make (using the free wifi at our campground) a physio appointment for me in The Sault for 12:30 pm — a bit later than we would have liked.

That gave us time for a walk on The Sault waterfront.  It is a beautiful and friendly city from what we could tell.. definitely a place to return and explore further.  My appointment went well — the Physiotherapist was also a Queen’s graduate (just years before me) who had also lived on Colbourne street when he was in Kingston.  Perhaps he felt a camaraderie because after giving me an evaluation, some suggestions on posture, some exercises to do daily, and a few rolled-up towels to put behind my back while driving, he sent me on my way “no charge”!  Apparently, I am going to live.  Good news.

We were a bit late getting out of The Soo but we pressed on with our plan to make it to Sean and Micheline’s place in Marathon.  A beautiful drive North of Superior later and we made it. We stopped in White River to visit the spot where eighty years ago Lieutenant Harry Colebourne picked up an orphan bear to be mascot of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment and the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps.  He named her “Winnipeg” and that was the genesis of Winne-the-Pooh.  An appropriate stop for Aunt Pooh (picture attached).

Unfortunately, as S&M are out-of-town, :o(, we had to don our balaclavas and engage in a bit of B&E to get in.

I don’t think we can thank Sean & Micheline enough for their generosity of allowing us to stay, laundry, & shower even though they were out.  We will be back one day with a case of beer and some wine to do a proper “thank you”.

We splurged on Chinese take-out and then went off to sleep!



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