Marathon to Winterpeg

Marathon to Winterpeg

dsc06051 dsc06060 dsc06063 dsc06069Woke up at Sean’s & Micheline’s place in Marathon and went for a quick jaunt on Pebble beach where Lake Superior was hell-bent on showing us that the Ocean had nothing on her — with waves as big as any we’d seen on the Pacific.  Chris is now on the Marathon “most-wanted” list as she couldn’t resist absconding with a beautiful marble-like pebble from the beach.

img_6261We were at the Marathon Beer store at 10:01 (they open at 10:00) to pick up a few Guiness treats for our hosts (sorry for the spoiler, Sean!)  A quick breakfast of President’s Choice Honey Nut O’s and strawberry Special-K and then we were off.  (Note: it’s amazing how many camping breakfasts can be made with a box of cereal and a few Black Diamond cheese slices…)

dsc06079 img_6267

Scenery between Marathon and Thunder Bay was, we think, the best North of Superior.dsc06086

Stopped at Terrace Bay (aka. the “Stupid Lighthouse Place” — if you ever go there you’ll understand what we mean) for a saunter on their beach and a visit to a most awesome canyon (well worth the short walk from the parking lot).


We drove the Terry Fox Memorial Highway of Courage between Thunder Bay and Nipigon and stopped at the Terry Fox Memorial near where he was forced to abandon his run after 5373 Km.


We sailed through Thunder Bay without nary a glance since it was starting to get late and we were hoping for another 100+ km today (Sorry T-Bay)dsc06098

We gained an hour by crossing the Time Zone line from Eastern to Central time.  And, it’s true, the sun didn’t disappear until after 9pm Eastern while back in Ottawa when we left it was long gone.

After checking with the locals we finally found an unnamed (and unmarked) camp site in Upsala for the princely sum of $22 including the camp site, and a welcome hot shower in the morning!dsc06106

Sept 21
While the night was pleasant, the morning was brisk but with mist rising off the lake while the sun rose.  A little red squirrel drank Chris’s grape juice while taking a break from running around collecting mushrooms at the camp site.  Then we were off..

dsc06128 dsc06114 dsc06134 img_6290img_6343 img_6379

Today was mostly a driving day with just a few short break stops (Like at Feist Lake near where the Last Spike was driven) and a lunch break in Kenora (a splurge on a shared Club Sandwich) we push on to Winnipeg just in time for an unexpectedly busy and aggressive rush-hour.  After searching for about 3/4 hour for a now defunct camp site (which appears to have given way to condos) we ended up at a pleasant RV/tent site (we are the only tent) sandwiched right between two major highways.  Stereo.


The Oregon Coast

This is not a blog post!

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Rainier


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