09/01/2002 - Labor Day

Chris & Peter's East Coast Adventure

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The Cap Chat Windmill farm (boasting 67 Windmills -- Another 46 are part of the same farm but located about 20km away)
... ... ...

Me beside a single propeller blade and Chris with the farm in the distance

Cap Chatís vertical axis windmill (called an aeolian, after Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind)

Half as tall as a man, the pneumatic disk brakes on the Aeolian.

The Aeolian's generator magnets and stator. The guide said it's a good thing it wasn't running because my camera (and anything else electronic) would have been fried.

Movie- Each blade is 2 tons, the total spinning hub above me is 10 tons. Listen carefully to hear the sound of the blades (Okay, I can't hear it either... you had to be there; it's cool).