New Hampshire / Maine - Sept 22-27, 2006

Fall colours in Crawford Notch Fall colours in Crawford Notch
The view from the Cottage The cottage from the canoe
East Royce, 3114 ft, 1600 ft climb
East Royce was a steep, hard climb seemingly straight up. There were grey, threatening clouds overhead when we started and a thunderstorm passed over just before we reached the summit. 4 hr, 15 min round trip (3 miles).
Chris on East Royce Summit (3100 ft) We arrived just after a Thunder Storm
Mount Caribou, 2828 ft, 1900 ft climb
Ascended via Caribou trail and descending by Mud Brook Trail (7.3 miles) 4 hr, 30 min round trip. Some good forest walks but steadily up on Caribou and fairly steep down on Mud Brook. Expansive summit with view in all directions.
Starting Caribou Mountain
Via Caribou Trail and returning by Mud Lake Trail
At the Summit of Caribou Mountain
Mont Crawford, 3129 ft, 2150 ft climb
Following the Davis Path the hike starts gently by crossing the Dry River (new bridge) and then quickly reaches a steady, unrelenting climb to where the Mont Crawford spur path diverges. The final climb to the summit is on mostly bare rock with great views and bare cliffs. The hike was 5 miles long and took us about 4 hours. Might think twice about doing this one if it was raining (lots of rock scrambles).
Some views part way up Berries for the Bears
View from Mont Crawford Summit
Mount Washington shrouded in clouds in the distance
On the cliffs; Mount Crawford Summit
Mount Crawford Summit Panorama
Drag the picture with your mouse for a 360 degree view from the Mount Crawford summit.