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November 2016

Blogging is Hard! Anybody out there?

Drat, We’re so far behind on our blog… it seems we underestimated the amount of driving and vacationing we’d be doing on our driving vacation. We’re motivated to complete this blog for ourselves (because we can never remember what we did on our vacations…) but we hope you’ll join us again when we finally find […]

The Oregon Coast

Oct 1, Astoria After leaving a rainy Mount Saint Helens, we headed toward the Oregon coast — a destination that had been recommended by several people we’ve met en-route and our first Ocean destination on this trip where we were looking for some beach fun in the sun.  Alas, Oregon had other plans for us […]

This is not a blog post!

Oh boy!  We’ve been so much on-the-move we’ve just either had no internet or no time (or we fell asleep) so our Blog has fallen a month behind.   We’ll catch up one day… but here is a not-a-blog-post post to tell you where we’ve been! The Oregon Coast: Hiking at Crater Lake in Oregon: Hiking […]